Despite 2020 difficult circumstances through the whole world, but we -in MAPS organisation- were able to add a new project to our educational centre that has a social aspect and aims to raise up children that have values and social aspects as well, that’s why we established this centre to be a distinguished example in education for many reasons, here are some of them:
1-Because we are in need of elite children in value, innovation and education sectors.
2-Because we have high skilled and ethical teachers who have a social mission towards the refugee children in Lebanon.
3-Because we were able to compile an innovative curriculum that merges between technology and innovative education during classes.
4-Because we benefited from our educational and innovative experience that has launched since 2014 to build a generation of innovators.

5-Because we believe that innovative and ethical education are able to make a real positive change in refuge community and future Syria.
6-Because we aim to raise up our children to become social leaders in the future who are able to add positive impact in their communities.
7-Redo our experience in different locations and areas, since its massive success and impact so far.
At the end, we would like to thank our partner “Syria Relief” for their vital role in supporting this centre and their participation in supporting education for our Syrian children.