MAPs staff during a workshop about mental health challenges for Syrian refugee children

[us_image_slider ids="7782,7783,7784,7785"] Three of MAPs staff have attended a science-based workshop on the mental health challenges that face the Syrian refugee children by a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University Alexandra Chen. Thanks to Harvard University Center on the Developing Child, Nexus Lebanon, and The Zovighian Partnership for this great opportunity to build the capacity of…

Dr. Fadi Al halabi – MAPs General Manager – responsible for international relations in the International Conference for Syrian Education

“International Conference on Syrian Education- ICSE" was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Fadi Al Halabi – who is MAPS organization manager- was the administrator of the international relation in this conference mentioned that the conference discussed the following ideas:  The educational process inside Syria and in the neighborhood.  the difficulties and obstacles in the…

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From the meeting that was organized by Alef , Act for Human Rights

From the meeting that was organized by Alef , Act for Human Rights After finishing the first phase of their project that aims to reduce corporal punishment at formal schools and non-formal teaching centers through weekly sessions with two voluntary teams: 15 voluntary Syrian teachers from EPL & 10 voluntary Lebanese teachers from public schools in Bekaa.…
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