We -in MAPS organization- are pleased

We -in MAPS organization- are pleased to let you know that Dr. Zaher Sahloul in MedGlobal has won Gandhi award for his brave work and efforts in health sector, we are also proud of Mayson Almisri a leader in the Syrian Civil Defense, known in the West as the “White Helmets” who won also Gandhi…


My mother is my heaven brings happiness to 350 widowed mothers

my mother is my heaven had concluded it’s activities in reaching to 350 widowed and family provider mothers, where each one of them got new clothes were given by group of Syrian merchants in Bekaa. This campaign brings happiness to the mother’s hearts by honouring celebrations as a way to gratitude their efforts to live in…


Team hope achieved a historic success representing 70 millions refugees in robotics global championship defeating other 190 countries around the world

MAPS- press release: Determination, challenge, planning, organizing, passion, adhering the oppressed and deploying happiness all these values were in Team Hope package and accompanied them from Lebanon’s camps to Dubai where they achieved a historic success for all refugees around the world. The team won the first global rank in “First Global” robotics championship that…


Learn and Gain project …..A new opportunity for success

MAPs: Success Story When MAPs announced a handicrafts course, Amna Al-Mahmoud did the course. Her fear and hesitation were clear. She imagined that will be definitely failed. She didn’t know to use a hook or knitting needle. Her fear has never lasted long. She has learnt perfectly sewing and crochet before finishing the course. She has…


“Goal” vocational project launching

[us_gallery ids="10283,10285,10287,10289,10291,10293,10295,10297,10299,10301,10303" columns="6"] The continuing education program at MAPS has launched GOAL project for vocational training with the support of Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development in German federal government and in partnership with Right to Play organization and BFZ. The project will last for 3 years targeting the 13 - 18 age group, and…

Mr. Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch , has visited MAPs projects

[us_gallery ids="10243,10245,10247,10249,10251,10253,10255,10257,10259,10261,10263,10265,10267,10269,10271,10273,10275,10277" columns="6"] Mr. Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch , has visited MAPs Medical, educational, and Continuing education projects in Central and Western Bekaa during his visit to Lebanon to observe the refugees' conditions. This was after several official meetings with several Lebanese leaders.

The end of “BUILD” capacity building Project for AlAmal TCs’ teachers.

At the end of the academic year 2016-2017, “BUILD” capacity building Project has been finished. 82 staff members in Bekaa and 70 staff members in Aarsal have successfully finished 200 hours of training, 30 hours of ICT skills and 170 hours of educational skills, social skills, and healthcare awareness. The trainings included online and offline…

“Hyperactivity and Attention Disorder” program

The Psychological Health Project team in Arsal is implementing the program "Hyperactivity and Attention Disorder" with children who have been diagnosed with this disorder. Awareness sessions with mothers are also organised about ways to deal with the child in his home and in the camp where he lives. The Psychological Health Project is  in cooperation…

The end of 2016-2017 academic year at AlAmal TCs

[us_image_slider ids="9652,9658,9624,9642,9616,9606,9608,9610,9612,9618,9620,9622,9626,9628,9630,9632,9634,9636,9638,9640,9644,9646,9648,9650,9654,9656,9660,9662,9664"] We learned about gratitude and humility - that so many people had a hand in our success, from the teachers who inspired us to the janitors who kept our school clean... and we were taught to value everyone's contribution and treat everyone with respect. We still have some very dear friends from school,…

Hope of Syria visits in USA

[us_gallery ids="8022,8023,8024,8025,8026,8027,8028,8029" columns="6"] اللاجئ السوري مبدع، ومحب للعلم والسلام، طموح لمستقبل حر كريم .... بعض من رسائل هامة للقاءات أجراها فريق أمل سوريا للروبوت في العاصمة واشنطن ومدينة نيويورك شملت مستشار الرئيس الأمريكي لشؤون الشرق الأوسط ومسؤول الملف السوري وعدد من الشخصيات الفاعلة في الملف السوري واللبناني في الخارجية الأمريكية ومكتب السيناتور الأمريكي ماركو روبيو.…

“Hope” Marathon in Arsal organized by Al Amal Teaching Centers

On 15th of April, Al Amal Teaching Centers have organized half a marathon to run for "Hope" in Aarsal.  The marathon started, with the participation of our students and teachers, from Amsiadah to Jusoor el Nour playground area for about 1.5 Km distance. Top ten participants have been awarded. Thanks for Aarsal Municipality for securing…

Hope of Syria team heading to USA for VEX international competition

" Hope of Syria" robot team has obtained visas to enter the United States of America to gain access to the World Robotics VEX competition which will be held next week in Kentucky. The team will travel next Friday with many messages conveying the ability of Syrian refugees to advance and cope with the world…
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