The #Robogee Competetion for Syrian refugee students, which is the first for refugees around the world, has ended on Friday 10th of March at the Notre Dame University NDU in Beirut, Lebanon. Baraem AlSham Team has won the first rank (The Excellence Award) in the competition.

The first round has started at 9:30 am with 10 teams of Syrian refugees from Tripoli, Aarsal, Central and Western Bekaa, with the following teams: Geniuses, Syria Future, Techno Knights, Laureate, Bright, Creativity, Baraem Al Sham, Optimus Prime, Tuyoor Al Amal I & Tuyoor Al Amal II

Four teams have been selected to the final tournament phase: Techno knights, Optimus Prime, Tuyoor Alamal II & Laureate

After the fierce and enthusiastic matches,

  • Optimus Prime & Tuyoor Alamal II won the Robogee Trophy presented by MAPs
  • Baraem AlSham from Bekaa won the Excellence Award presented by VEX
  • Creativity team from Bashaer School won the Programming Award presented by VEX
  • Techno Knights team from the Syrian Educational Center won the Skills’ Award presented by VEX
  • Syria Future team won the Stem Education Research Award presented by VEX
  • Tuyoor Alamal team won the Teamwork Award presented by VEX


The Judges Committee depended on the following criteria

  • 30 points for the tournament in the circuit
  • 30 points for the design of the robot
  • 20 points for controlling skills
  • 15 points for Stem Education Research
  • 5 points for sportsmanship spirit


This competition was due to the cooperation between Vex Lebanon and MAPs with the support of SWASIA, Orienthelfer, SAEA, at Notre Dame University (NDU)

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