MAPS- press release:
Determination, challenge, planning, organizing, passion, adhering the oppressed and deploying happiness all these values were in Team Hope package and accompanied them from Lebanon’s camps to Dubai where they achieved a historic success for all refugees around the world.

The team won the first global rank in “First Global” robotics championship that was organized and held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The team defeated other teams from 190 countries around the world, represented by 1500 youth (Male and female).

Team Hope represented 70 millions refugees around the world like Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan, Yemeni, Sudanese and others.

The competition depends basically on Teamwork between countries, to create robotics that solve environmental problems in oceans.Victories are ongoing.

Team Hope has been nominated to the finals in the last day through the robot refugee “Robogee” as one of the best 32 teams who had the highest scores by judging committee, to be nominated after that to the final game and got the title.

This success is part of series of global achievements that the team has achieved more than 30 local, Arab and global championships.

Team Hope players are Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, they are Ammar Kabbour,Yousef Shaaban, Amena Kabbour, Maher Al Essawi and Salam Al Farekh, MAPS has offered free training in programming and robotics for all these players.

Amena always says that they defeat asylum suffering and despite their emigration they were able to innovate, innovate and innovate, while Maher Al Essawi said: “ we are very proud that we were able to represent all refugees around the world , we were able to represent all oppressed refugees around the world since we went through the same asylum and emigration difficult circumstances just like them”
Most effective figure supports Team Hope.

Team Hope’s innovation pushed the Saudi media figure Ahmad Alshugairi- who was chosen as the most effective figure upon youth in the Arab world- to support and encourage Team Hope, describing them as Champions, he stayed with the team till the final match and getting the title, at the end he conducted a conversation with them and signed Hope Global Agreement.

Syria’s mothers help Syria’s Hope

The team didn’t receive any support from any organisation, unless Maps organization.

Many organisations refused to support the team’s travel costs to Dubai, the alternative solution was provided by Syrian mothers in Lebanon who were the real supporters in funding process for them where they sold the handicraft course’s products in Norway, and that’s what Dr. Fadi Al Halabi- MAPS General Manager- confirmed and said: “Syria’s mothers support Syria’s Hope”.
Dr. Al Halabi added that the refugee is a treasure of innovation, whenever you preserve his dignity, you can get the most possible benefit from him.
He also added: “we address all refugees around the world… you didn’t have anyone to represent you throughout the history, but now we are here.. we are supporting you and exporting your innovation to the whole world”
Hope global agreement to deploy happiness and protect octopus
During the competition, Team Hope distributed “Hope Global Agreement” which is a pledge between ‘Team Hope” as the representative for refugees around the world and other teams where they commit to deploy happiness, help oppressed refugees around the world, support them to overcome their crisis beside a commitment to protect oceans from pollution, this item goes along with competition’s goal in decreasing oceans pollution danger.
MAPS an integrated community.

There are 3.000 students who go and study in Al Amal educational centres each day, about 500 patients who receive therapy in MAPS clinics every day, about 200 students and trainees who attend vocational and innovative training in MAPS organization that supports this work throughout 350 volunteers who work hard to deploy Hope among refugees and they have one mission.