The summer project was launched in Al-Amal educational centers as a continuation of the distance education project that MAPS followed for the distance education of students during the period of suspension of studying by the Lebanese Ministry of Education due to the spread of Coronavirus, and the project adapts a Lebanese Arabized curriculum in order to enhance the basic skills of students in both languages English and Arabic; and Mathematics.
The project includes 85 teachers from Al-Amal educational centers distributed into groups in Al-Bikaa and Irsal, and 1800 interactive students. It also includes activities that provide psychological support and raise the level of health and social awareness for students and their families, in addition to many educational and entertainment activities and competitions.
As a new step in the project, Al-Amal Centers started delivering printed worksheets to the students’ homes to be solved by the student, then discussing and correcting them with the teacher, and the specialized educational supervisors follow up editing and adopting new enhancing educational methods that will develop the teacher and facilitate the delivery of information to the student.