When I left Syria to Lebanon, I was very disappointed because I could not complete my studies in architecture, which was my dream and will remain. The pressures of life increased further when I did not have any opportunity to complete my study until I reached a university scholarship announcement for Syrian students. I still remember the moment when I was accepted at Southern New Hampshire University Scholarship in 2019.
I cannot express my feelings at that time.

After completing English and computer skills courses at Multi Aid Programs Organization “MAPs,” I started studying “Associate of Arts in General Studies with a Specialization in Business.” I was the first graduator at a record period; ten months instead of two years.

Despite the circumstances and the challenges that I faced as, struggling to travel for one hour and a half to reach MAPs center and being responsible for supporting my family. So, I had to work with several NGOs at the same time. It was very hard to make a balance between duties and studies.

This scholarship changed my life and helped me to be more professional, flexible, and able to get over all challenges. Now I became an adviser for the new students who were recently accepted at Southern New Hampshire University.

I believe that anyone can achieve his goals but he should work hard and overcome all obstacles. Of course, I won’t forget the role of Maps by supporting and giving us the opportunity to get a university degree again.