Shahed and Jehan, the result of our educational harvest.

How wonderful it is to see the efforts of our education contribute into the making of heroes. Shahed Mousa and Jehan Fakous are the heroes who thrived at our school, The House of Sciences and Values. Both Shahed and Jehan took the basic and values education. In addition, they learned the principles of creative education “STEM”, that teaches Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Technology in aninnovative way. This helped them to be nominated to be part of TEAM HOPE, who recently won third place worldwide in Geneva.
Unfortunately, Shahed and Jehan couldn’t make it to Geneva with the team because of some legal circumstances. However, they played a big role in the programming and the designing process of the robot with TEAM HOPE. Those two students have participated for the first time with TEAM HOPE, that was able to win more than 38 local, Arabian, and international awards in robotics and artificial intelligence; the most important one was the award earned the World Robotics Championship 2019 in Dubai. Shahed and Jehan are learning at The House of Sciences and Values for the second, along with 475 male and female students. The House of Sciences and Values is working with the support of an organization called Action For Humanity- International, that’s helping us in creating a better future for Syria.