The Syrian American Medical Association (SAMS) mission arrived yesterday, its work will continue from Sunday 23 April to Thursday, 27 April, in coordination with MAPS’ Health Program.
The cases were recorded and prepared in advance.
The Mission will provide its services in Al Bekaa, Beirut, Tripoli and Akkar throughout the mission days according to a schedule.
The team consists of 38 doctors, assistants and volunteers, including the following specializations:
1- Urinary surgery.
2- General Surgery.
3- Vascular surgery.
4- Cardiac and cardiac diseases.
5 – digestive diseases and gastrointestinal endoscopy.
6 – Chest diseases and bronchoscopy.
7 – kidney disease.
8. Endocrine diseases and diabetes.
9 – diseases of blood and tumors for adults.
10 – ear, nose and throat diseases.
The team is also accompanied by doctors specializing in internal diseases and family medicine who are visiting Al Bekaa and Akkar camps to provide services to those in need in their areas.
The number of beneficiaries of this campaign is expected to reach 800 patients.
It should be noted that the Department of Medical Conditions and Missions in the health program of MAPS has been received and registered more than 12000 beneficiaries since 9 months till now
and endeavor to intensive the efforts through the upcoming missions from SAMS and collaborating with other associations and organizations to meet their growing needs.
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