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  • Al Amal centres…. Adapting education to current situation February 23, 2021
    Maps organization considers education as the highest mission that has been adopted since its beginning in 2013, that’s why Maps works to build its educational philosophy for all age categories in the Syrian refuge community in Lebanon.Education has never stopped since it’s beginning neither due to lack of funding that came along with many years,…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • SEMA US.. Thanks for your vital role in insuring better healthcare with us February 23, 2021
    Since the mid-last year, our friends in SEMA US participated in supporting pediatric clinic, gynecology, , Maternal and Child Health Centre and pharmacy in Ghiras Al Kheer general polyclinic.Our friends helped us in insuring better healthcare for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, which reduced the patient’s high cost therapy.Gynecology clinic provided 10604 semi-free healthcare services…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Ophthalmology clinic provided 4253 healthcare services during 2020 February 18, 2021
    Ophthalmology clinic in MAPS organisation received 4253 healthcare services during the last year, by a qualitative staff who has the highest standards of humanity and accuracy.The health program in MAPS organisation offered more than 130.000 healthcare services during 2020.Health program participated in helping the Syrian refugees in Lebanon through its semi-free healthcare services that exceeded…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Mothers in MAPS organisation made crochet model of the American democratic senator Bernie Sanders February 17, 2021
    The photo of the American senator Bernie Sanders that has been taken during the American president Joe Biden inauguration has caused a quite stir on social media.The Crochet Community Collective has lately produced dolls that look like the American senator, hundreds of these dolls have reached Norway to be sold there.Through this project, the Syrian…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Health program has received more than 20.000 new patients during 2020 February 14, 2021
    Health program in MAPS organization has received 21.522 new patients during 2020, while the total number of visitors for all polyclinics reaches 35.335 patients most of them are upon the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The provided healthcare services have reached 130.007 healthcare services, while the total number of the provided healthcare services since beginning have…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Our qualitative education… we modify the reality to make the future February 14, 2021
    For the eighth year on succession, MAPS organisation continues in offering primary, innovative and value education for Syrian youth and children in Lebanon through its distributed centres in Bekaa and Ersaal.“Al Amal education centres” is one of the projects that makes a positive change in the community, since beginning the centres offered education for about…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Education in MAPS.. investing in future February 13, 2021
    Future’s gates are always open for those who have passion for education and learning, our children in “Al Amal educational centres” have this basic factor where our centres are considered a glimmer of hope since they teach 3 thousands children each year in 3 semesters, adopting different education methods that go well with the environment…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Gynaecology clinic offered 10604 semi free healthcare services during the last year February 12, 2021
    Despite difficulties that accompanied Corona virus, but precautions measures that the clinic offered, increased patients trust since this clinic is considered to be a safe have for the Syrian and Lebanese women in Lebanon. The gynaecology clinic is one of the first clinics that has launched in 2013 in the health program in MAPS organisation…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Why did MAPS launched “ Science and Value Centre”? February 12, 2021
    Despite 2020 difficult circumstances through the whole world, but we -in MAPS organisation- were able to add a new project to our educational centre that has a social aspect and aims to raise up children that have values and social aspects as well, that’s why we established this centre to be a distinguished example in…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Paediatric clinic offered 8.000 healthcare services during 2020 February 8, 2021
    Paediatric clinic in the health program one of MAPS organisation programs, has considered to be a safe haven since its beginning in 2013 with skilled and qualified group of doctors and nurses.The clinic provided 7929 semi free healthcare services during the last year, supported by SEMA US which participated in supporting healthcare in this clinic…
    Bahaa Burhan
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