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  • Congrats to Team Hope February 12, 2023
    Congrats to Team Hope for getting second place worldwide surpassing 43 other teams from all around the world. Team Hope, the representative of 100 million refugees around the world, made us delighted with the beginning of 2023 by scoring second place worldwide in the first round of the Championship qualifiers, and they qualified to participate…
    Muhamad Alsayed
  • Creativity is developed and nurtured at “The House of Science and Values.” February 12, 2023
    Previous Next creativity is developed and nurtured at “The House of Science and Values.” Every child is an artist! With this title, the children at “The House of Science and Values” expressed the state of creativity they attained through their mentors’ teachings, with drawings that referred to success, values and the bright future ahead of…
    Muhamad Alsayed
  • Shahed and Jehan, the result of our educational harvest. February 12, 2023
    Previous Next Shahed and Jehan, the result of our educational harvest. How wonderful it is to see the efforts of our education contribute into the making of heroes. Shahed Mousa and Jehan Fakous are the heroes who thrived at our school, The House of Sciences and Values. Both Shahed and Jehan took the basic and values education.…
    Muhamad Alsayed
  • Hayat project.. continues for the sixth year on succession June 8, 2022
    For the sixth year on succession, “Hayat project” in the Health Program in MAPS organization continues its work in developing skills, scientific experiences and vocational capabilities for the youth in different specializations. The project includes practical training in different specializations like Nursing, X-ray, working with medical missions, dental assistance, accounting, warehouse and social health working.…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Distintiguished Humanitarian Doctor June 7, 2022
    The target of the journey from Britain is helping the refugee families in Lebanon, Dr. Mohammad Yaser Al Sabouni-Orthopedic Surgeon- has come again to accomplish his volunteering mission in helping refugee children who are suffering from cases like (congenital dislocation of the hip, foot deformities…). Dr. Sabouni encourages the social humanitarian work with the Syrian…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • ” Sight for Life” has completed its work after examining 338 kids in Al Marj educational center. May 14, 2022
    ophthalmology mission ” Sight for Life” has completed its work after examining 338 kids in Al Marj educational center. The campaign has provided 33 glasses for kids who need it, beside providing the needed advices for the children and their families for each case and how to deal with it. The campaign aims to examine…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Readers are Leaders Challenge has launched again in “Science and Value Centre”. January 16, 2022
    We consider each child as a sole project to build #future_Syria, so we launched Readers are Leaders Challenge in “Science and Value Centre” and the motto of this challenge is #today’s_reader_is_tommorrow’s_leader The participants should summarise each book, and the summary should convey all the ideas, the summary should be punctuated and should contain all punctuation…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • More than 170.000 provided healthcare services during 2021 January 12, 2022
    Health program has started his tenth year in helping refugees and hosted community as well. 9 years and a million healthcare services, that’s how we helped our refugee families and the Lebanese hosted community also. 2021 was considered to be a great challenge in Health program where were we have to provide the best healthcare…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • MAPs is celebrating the first BA graduate in the higher education platform. January 2, 2022
    A remarkable achievement for MAPs was achieved at the end of 2021, where the student Hasan Abbas obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts of Communication. Hasan is the first graduate to complete all the required university courses among the students of the MAPs platform for higher education, and he completed this and obtained his bachelor’s…
    Bahaa Burhan
  • Al Amal centres…. Adapting education to current situation February 23, 2021
    Maps organization considers education as the highest mission that has been adopted since its beginning in 2013, that’s why Maps works to build its educational philosophy for all age categories in the Syrian refuge community in Lebanon.Education has never stopped since it’s beginning neither due to lack of funding that came along with many years,…
    Bahaa Burhan
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