Through its educational program, the “MAPS” organization launched a new project that supports its value mission in life skills, aiming to achieve its vision # One_Family_Towards_Dignity.

The project, which is implemented in “Al-Amal Educational Centers” in A-Bikaa and Irsal, is supporting the values ​​of commun life skills through weekly classes, where each session focuses on a specific behavioral skill or value being instilled in children, through different methods in accordance with the child’s age group.
The project provides a variety of ways to simplify the access of skills and values ​​to children and their families.

The managers of the educational centers in cooperation with the teachers will prepare weekly value skills topics through multiple methods that commensurate with the suggested topic, besids the flexibility in choosing the activity that suits the school and the nature of the target area of ​​the project.


There will be a monthly measurement and evaluation based on a positive change of student behavior, in order to achieve the goal of the project.
Mabs provides free education to 3,500 children and mothers since 2014 until now with an Arabatized Lebanese curriculum, through its nine educational centers located in the Al-Bikaa and Irsal.

In addition to basic education, the “Maps” organization provided creative education for about 7,000 children since its launch in 2013, and vocational education for more than 8,000 youngs, with a high academic education for dozens of youngs, in addition to a million health and support services.