MAPS organization launched a medical mission in cooperation with doctors from United States in “Al Rahma” camp in Bar Elias, “Al-Aramel” camp in Al-Omariah and in Ghiras Al Kheer General polyclinic. There were about 180 patients who benefited from it the past five days.


The mission specialities were internal medicine and Cardiology. 120 refugees benefited from the mission in the camps camps and 60 in Ghiras Al Kheer General polyclinic, the mission also covered lab tests, X-Ray images, CT scan, MRI and medications for free.

MAPS organization thanks Dr. Greg Brown and Dr. Rishi Menon for their vital role in affording all mission’s costs.


MAPS organization organizes each year many free medical missions in cooperation with different local and global organisations, where they offer together free consultations and surgeries.