A remarkable achievement for MAPs was achieved at the end of 2021, where the student Hasan Abbas obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts of Communication.

Hasan is the first graduate to complete all the required university courses among the students of the MAPs platform for higher education, and he completed this and obtained his bachelor’s degree in just two years.

Two years earlier, Hasan’s chance at a university education was missed due to the lack of recognition of his baccalaureate degree. But with Hasan passing the preparatory stage in learning English and ICT skills,

MAPs and the Southern New Hampshire University have given Hasan the opportunity to return to the classroom in early 2020.

Now, Abbas compensated for this setback, as he completed the university stage in only two years, to be the first graduate of the MAPs platform for higher education, after proving his excellence, diligence and perseverance.

Quick-witted and likable, Hasan possesses good communication skills, commitment, determination, and a clear plan for the future as described by his supervisors.
MAPs, along with its partner, Southern New Hampshire University in the United States, offers scholarships in Business management, Arts of Communication, and Healthcare Management for about 100 Syrian refugee students in Lebanon, and is preparing this year to offer dozens of scholarships in the Bekaa and Arsal regions.