Maps higher education platform establishment was considered to be a glimmer of hope for those who couldn’t register in university among the Syrian people in Lebanon, through helping students in choosing the academic specialization that suit them the best, offering workshops about the scholarships in Lebanon and worldwide, helping students in registering in scholarships, announcing about scholarships through MAPS social media and finally offering educational scholarships and partnerships like the partnership with New Hampshire American University “SNHU” that was a remarkable chance for our students and made a real difference.

This scholarship received in its first year 13 students, 22 students in its second year and in this year it added 42 new students, since about a month the scholarship announced that it is ready to receive a new group of the Syrian students in Lebanon where it is going to have 100 new students: 60 students in Al Bekaa and 40 students in Ersaal.
17 students has passed AA phase, which represents the first two years, MAPS organisation has celebrated them before two months to be a glimmer of hope for other accepted students.

Scholarship levels:The first level: scholarship’s announcement and the required conditions.
The second level: written test and English interview for the primary accepted students to make sure that the meet the criteria and conditions.
The third level: preparation phase includes empowering students and teach them English language skills, computer skills, surfing internet and how to write your own CV to be able to study in the university in an academic way.