How to take advantage of sunlight in a room or tent ?

we need some simple means

empty cola cans

Insulated aluminum surface


Glass slab


Solar cell

Aluminum tube

Cool silicone

How to make ?

 Collect empty cans

Paste the cans together and classify them into eight groups, in each group nine cans then paint them in black color

Make a wooden box for nine cola columns

Put an insulator  inside the box then paint it in a black color

Put the groups of cans and separated them from the insulation withe a wooden frame

Paint the cans and box insider in a black color

Place the fan in the upper compartment of the box

 Place the tube and fix it from the outside

Place the glass and pin it over it

Connect solar cell with fan

Put the box towards the sun

Below the box are air vents from which the cold air enters and the sun heats up automatically and comes out of the tube to warm the room or the tent.

by Eng. Khalid Taleb

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