The education program at MAPS constitutes an integrated educational structure in Lebanon, with its features in providing education for different age groups, supporting and developing teachers, and providing education for those who missed school education, through many projects.
The first project: the summer project (the third complementary semester) for educating the children of “Al-Amal Educational Centers”, which provides education to about 1,800 children.
The second project: Providing education in the field of literacy for about 50 students, in partnership with Anera.
The third project: Providing literacy education to about 75 students in partnership with Save the Children in partnership with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The fourth project: Providing psychological and social support to children and their families during the last period.
The fifth project: The Early Childhood, provides education for 300 children under 6 years of age, in partnership with

Save the Children USand UNICEF funding.
It is noteworthy that, during the past year, the education program provided education to about 3,500 children and mothers, and its teachers participated in presenting dozens of educational researches in the camp environment, through Teachers As Researchers Project, and it also provided 500 training courses for teachers to develop their skills, and to won 7 local, Arab and international awards.