Future’s gates are always open for those who have passion for education and learning, our children in “Al Amal educational centres” have this basic factor where our centres are considered a glimmer of hope since they teach 3 thousands children each year in 3 semesters, adopting different education methods that go well with the environment that children are living on.
Maps has graduated tens of innovative children in robotics, technology and programming through “Al Amal educational centres” and they gained tens of awards which proved that the Syrian refugee is able build a better future for his country.

“We have talented children who were able to represent the Syrian refugee in global robotics Championships and gained the best awards, our qualitative teaching achieved more than 70 local, Arab and global awards, our children and youth represented 70 millions refugees around the world and many diplomatic and public figures talked about their ability and skills that are enough to build the future” that’s what the education program in MAPS organisation Eng. Mohammad Badran said.