During a conference hosted by “Refugees are Partners”, Dr. Fadi spoke about the effects of the Corona crisis on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
During the interactive dialogue titled: “The Social and Economic Impact of the Recent Developments in Lebanon, on the Livelihoods of the Syrian Refugees,” Dr. Al-Halabi said: “The procedures imposed on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon during the Corona period have a greater impact than the Corona epidemic itself, due to the seriousness of its social and economic repercussions “.
Adding, it suffices to mention a large increase in the level of poverty, which reached about 73%, in addition to that most of the youth stopped working, accompanied by poor quality health care.
During the seminar that was presented online, the General Director of MAPS addressed the health deterioration of refugees and its causes, focusing on the times of crisis, stating that 33% of refugees borrowed money for health care, while about 50% of them lived in overcrowded and not good communities which means a high risk of a pandemic.
He pointed out that “it is important to establish an effective health care system that will be participatory between the Syrians and the Lebanese in order to support the refugees’ environment and the hostesses’ environment, by taking advantage of the distinguished Syrian health cadres in Lebanon.”
The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Nahar, reported the details of that dialogue session through the following link: https://en.annahar.com/article/1235344-socioeconomic-