The “diabetes follow-up and treatment for  Syrian refugees  in Lebanon” project has been launched to cover the urgent need for 130,000 people with diabetes, and 89% of those patients have uncontrolled diabetes, and they have large number of retinal and diabetic foot injuries.

With the support of the Qatar Red Crescent and the Syrian American Medical Association, and in collaboration with MAPS and the International Diabetes Fedration, the project opened its doors to the beneficiaries providing free medical services related to medical inspection, medicine, medical analyses and physical consultations in 9 centers distributed throughout Lebanon as follows:

1- ‘Haiat’ polyclinic in Kaferdens.

2- ‘Gheras Al-Khair’ polyclinic in Majdal Anjar.

3- ‘Youth Association of Saad Nael’ in Saad Nael.

4- ‘Al-Amal center’ in Ersal .

5- ‘Ebdaat’ polyclinic in Armoun.

6- ‘Al-Bunian’ polyclinic in Saida.

7- ‘Al-Enaia’ polyclinic in Al-Badawi camp in Tripoli.

8- ‘Al-Bashaer’ polyclinic in Tripoli .

9- ‘E’amar’ polyclinic in Akkar.

the medical services provided In the first quarter of the project:

Following-up with 1610 patients.

Providing 21274 services.

Providing 2284 medical consultations.

Providing 25800 medicines.

Conducting 13176 laboratory analyses.

Conducting 310 physical consultations.

For any inquiries, you can contact the following number 816790922 from 09:00 am till 03:00 pm everyday excluding Friday.

, or you can contact us via the following email:

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#Syrian_Refugees #Lebanon #Medical_Care