Learn and Gain project …..A new opportunity for success

MAPs: Success Story When MAPs announced a handicrafts course, Amna Al-Mahmoud did the course. Her fear and hesitation were clear. She imagined that will be definitely failed. She didn’t know to use a hook or knitting needle. Her fear has never lasted long. She has learnt perfectly sewing and crochet before finishing the course. She has…

HealthCare Program

Abdul Salam story with B12 deficiency

Abdul Salam says goodbye to renal insufficiency at Gihrass Alkair Public dispensary Abdul Salam Al-Hititani entered to the department of ambulance and emergency at Gihrass Alkair Public dispensary, and was in a too critical condition, after he has a severe vomiting, which has continued for 36 hours, that led to dehydration in the body. Cadres…


Mahmud’s health improvement

Mahmud 32 year old from western Ghouta , he was in Lebanon from two years ago he was almost well before. two months ago he was suffering from weight loss, fatigue, low grade fever, abdominal pain, nausea, poly urea and anorexia. He made many consultations and visited emergency department in one Lebanese hospital three times…

Bashar health improvement

بشار شاب أصيب في ظهره مما أدى إلى شلل في طرفيه السفليين، وصل بشار مع عائلته إلى لبنان منذ ثلاث سنوات وبحث عن سبيل للعلاج فوجد مركز غراس الخير للعلاج الفيزيائي أحد مشاريع البرنامج الصحي في منظمة Multi Aid Programs - MAPS . واظب بشار على جلسات العلاج المكثفة التي قدمت له في المركز وعبر…

Aya Al-waw -a student of Al-Amal schools- won the competition of “I write happiness instead of sadness “

[us_image_slider ids="6025,6026,6027"] As always in all sectors and fields, Al-Amal schools’ students outstand and distinguish themselves once again. "Aya alwaw ", 11 years old has won the competition of “I write happiness , instead of sadness ” which was launched by the ministry of information in Kuwait in cooperation with “Rashia professional ” association for…

Hope and Ambition – The doctor

Children of Syria have suffered from this fierce war but their wishes and ambitions are still alive. "Hope and Ambition" video series shows the aspirations of talented Syrian refugee children and their dreams of a better brighter future. "Hope and Ambition" _ The doctor : The Syrian child Shefaa.
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