Partnership with Laureate

“MAPs is very excited to be partnering with Laureate International Universities to help build the English language capacity of Syrian refugee teachers who are working with MAPs in Lebanon.”

Women’s world day

في يوم المرأة العالمي، المرأة السورية أكثر نساء العرب قهراً بحسب الدراسات الأخيرة للأمم المتحدة، بحسب ما صرح الأمين العام للمنظمة، أنطونيو غوتيريش. On International Women's Day, the Syrian Women are the most oppressed among Arab women, according to UN recent studies said the General-Secretary of UN Antonio Guterres .

Memorandum of understanding between MAPs and Salam Organisation

MAPs signed a memorandum of understanding with Salam providing for cooperation and coordination among them  to support students of Alamal teaching centers " One of MAPs educational projects " with social and health awareness training using modern techniques methods that are guaranteed by Salam


A memorandum of understanding was signed between MAPs and SAEA states that cooperation and coordinating will be effective between them in supporting and implementing some of the humanitarian projects in Lebanon.

Dr. Fadi Al halabi – MAPs General Manager – responsible for international relations in the International Conference for Syrian Education

“International Conference on Syrian Education- ICSE" was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Fadi Al Halabi – who is MAPS organization manager- was the administrator of the international relation in this conference mentioned that the conference discussed the following ideas:  The educational process inside Syria and in the neighborhood.  the difficulties and obstacles in the…

MAPs promotion

MAPs delivered 500,000 humanitarian service during the past years of the Syrian crisis which forced more than 1.1 Million Syrian citizen to flee to Lebanon. MAPs delivered humanitarian services in Basic non-formal education, Capacity building, Healthcare and relief sectors. MAPs educational projects secures 3500 basic education opportunity and 12,000 training opportunity in favor of Syrian…

Syrian teachers have to be part of Syrian education in Lebanon

Regarding calling the international community to share Syrian teacher in Lebanon in the current educational side and the whole qualified staff should take part in the refugees' job in the host countries, MAPS administration made a visit offices many of members of the congress as the Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Bob Corker and the…

MAPS administration meeting in Harvard university

MAPS administration met at Harvard University / Boston-USA Prof. Jacqueline Bhabha "Research department manager at Harvard University – Senior Lecturer in health-care and human rights “with the presence of Ms. Jane Unrue "Director of Risk Program at Harvard University" and Ms. Alexandra chin "Researcher at Harvard University " to talk about future cooperation regarding Education…

MAPS attending UN 71 Annual meeting in New York city

[us_gallery ids="6934,6933" columns="6"] MAPS administration attended some of the meetings related to education during United Nations 71 annual meeting which is running now in New York City –USA. Thanks to Mrs. Julia Gillard ” Australian former Prime Minister” for her big efforts. #UN #Education

Certificates of experience were distributed to 70 teachers in the “Teaching skills and Techniques” courses

[us_image_slider ids="6343,6342,6341,6340,6337,6338,6339,6380"] Certificates of experience were distributed to 70 teachers of Education Program in Lebanon - EPL who have participated in the “Teaching skills and Techniques” courses by the General Manager of Multi Aid Programs - MAPS, Dr. Fadi AlHalabi, Fawzieh Makkawi, The training consultant at MAPs, Mohammed Al-Masri, the Program Manager of EPL & Mahmoud Yasine, the…

MOU with TBB was signed aims to help refugees in Lebanon to find jobs outside their current residence

[us_image_slider ids="6304,6305,6306,6307,6308,6309"] In MAPS head-office in Bekaa /Taanayel yesterday, MAPS and TBB organizations signed up an MOU, the signature was between Dr. Fadi al-Halabi (General Director of MAPS)and Ms. Sayre Nyce (Executive Director of TBB) . The MOU terms states about cooperation and exchange of information between the two organizations to support discerning refugees in…
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