Bashar health improvement

بشار شاب أصيب في ظهره مما أدى إلى شلل في طرفيه السفليين، وصل بشار مع عائلته إلى لبنان منذ ثلاث سنوات وبحث عن سبيل للعلاج فوجد مركز غراس الخير للعلاج الفيزيائي أحد مشاريع البرنامج الصحي في منظمة Multi Aid Programs - MAPS . واظب بشار على جلسات العلاج المكثفة التي قدمت له في المركز وعبر…

International Diabetes Federation-IDF and HPL preparation for diabetes clinics project

[us_image_slider ids="6046,6047,6048,6049,6050,6051,6052"] As a preparation for diabetes clinics project for Syrian refugees which will be implemented by HPL one of MAPS programs with Qatar Red Crescent and Syrian American Medical Society- SAMS financial support and with the International Diabetes Federation scientific partnership -IDF MENA. A training session was organized in favor of our staff at…

German delegation visiting Girass AlKhair dispensary

Mr. Martin Neumeyer "Commissioner of the Bavarian government and a number of German personalities and high-level diplomacy with presence of Mr. Christian Springer, founder of OrientHelfer visited Ghirass Alkhair dispensary. 3 students of Al-Amal schools on behalf of their schoolmate delivered flowers for the visitors as appreciation for their efforts.

Promo about the first annual meeting of MAPS staff

With the presence of many diplomatic missions, partners and individuals concerned with the humanitarian issues around the world. The first annual meeting of MAPs’ staff and volunteers was Held - June 2016 - in Bekaa Valley /Lebanon ... The meeting included an: - introductory words about MAPs programs and projects. - Performances from Al-Amal Schools…

Hope and Ambition – The doctor

Children of Syria have suffered from this fierce war but their wishes and ambitions are still alive. "Hope and Ambition" video series shows the aspirations of talented Syrian refugee children and their dreams of a better brighter future. "Hope and Ambition" _ The doctor : The Syrian child Shefaa.

Diabetes 21 century disease Diabetes is a chronic disease, it occurs when the pancreas cannot produce insulin anymore in a sufficient quantity, or when the body cannot effectively use the produces insulin . Insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar rate in the blood. The hyperglycemia or high blood sugar level is a common effect of uncontrolled diabetes…

D.Ma’an Al-khadra Cardiology specialist at Chicago and a Syrian American Medical Society member visited HPL projects

[us_image_slider ids="5966,5967,5968,5969,5970,5971"] D.Ma’an Al-khadra Cardiology specialist at Chicago and a Syrian American Medical Society member visited HPL projects (Giras Al-khair dispensary – Giras Al-khair polyphonic dispensary - Department of breast disease – Giras Al-khair physical therapy center). He also had some medical consulting and “Echo heart” for patients at Girass Al-khair polyphonic dispensary and has…

Lucia di Kono support Al-Amal schools students

In order of promoting medical care services level that we work at as a Health Program in Lebanon -HPL, Dr. “Lucia di Kono,” a specialist in skin diseases made a medical scan and examination for Al-Amal Schools students in Bekaa Valley, and she offered an appropriate treatments and medicine, in addition to a number of…

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