Gift the Gift of Sight: Cataract Surgeries Campaign

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In a time where many have been overshadowed by the economic downturn in Lebanon, numerous individuals find themselves facing a future obscured not only by financial constraints but also by the physical constraint of deteriorating eyesight due to cataracts.

A cataract surgery, which can restore the clarity of vision and bring vibrant colors back into the lives of these individuals, now costs over 700 USD in private hospitals — a figure that stands as a monumental barrier for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese citizens.

This is where we, the team at MAPs, step in with a mission to bring light into the lives of 40 individuals through our Cataract Surgeries Campaign.

We aim to raise 8,900 USD, a fund that will facilitate 40 life-altering surgeries, bringing hope and a brighter future to those in desperate need. Your support can help us bring this mission to fruition, helping lift the fog that clouds the sight of our beneficiaries, allowing them to see their loved ones clearly and witness the vibrant colors of life again.

By contributing, you're not just donating; you are granting someone the chance to see the world anew, to read a book, to recognize the faces of friends and family, and to safely navigate their surroundings.Join us in this heartfelt initiative, be a beacon of hope, and let's gift the gift of sight together. Thank you for giving generously and for being a part of this mission of love and restoration.

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