Travel would be one of the options that may change your life totally when war occurs, but it’s your choice to make this new path an opportunity or just pain, you are truly able to turn pain into hope and work, these words describe the Syrian refugee Alaa Wajoob story from Homs city.

“I was in the eighth grade in Syria, when I was forced to flee to Lebanon in 2012 due to the war, I studied the ninth, tenth and eleventh grade in non formal school in Lebanon, where I cant get a certified certificate, then my dad passed away and I wasn’t able to continue my studying for a year and a half” Alaa told MAPS media about his life events.

But all of the above difficult circumstances weren’t able to stop him from restarting the journey with new hope, he restudied ninth grade of Lebanese curriculum and did a great distinction, then he got a Syrian high school certificate but the Lebanese universities didn’t approve it to register.

MAPS organization and Southern New Hampshire University SNHU gave him the hope again to continue his academic study.

“I thought that I wont have the opportunity to continue my academic study, but MAPS and SNHU offered my an amazing opportunity” he said.

He added “now I’m studying English language and computer skills in the preparatory course, then I’m going to pass the exam and I will register in business administration specialization and I promise everyone to achieve high distinction”.

SNHU university is offering in corporation with MAPS organization free scholarships for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon who weren’t able to continue their academic study.