Children’s education in MAPS has many basic pillars in work that have been adopted since the launching of “Al Amal educational centres” as part of its teaching strategy inside Lebanon’s camps.

“Al Amal educational centres” teaching most remarkable features are: innovative not traditional, learning through play, qualified education during crisis, support children’s creativity and develop teacher’s educational environment.

That’s why “Al Amal educational centres” won Social Influence Award presented by the Design Global Forum in Germany last year, and now MAPS is getting prepared to match similar awards on the Arab level that will be announced soon.

“Al Amal educational centres” provides qualified education for 3000 children through its 9 distributed centres in Lebanon’s camps, children enrol in the innovative education by connect them with “Educate to Innovate” project part of “Continuing Education and Community Service” program that supports their innovative skills.


Children also are being supported by encouraging them to participate in science and robotics local and global competitions, Hope of Syria tea for robotics- for example- has won tens of local and global awards.