The most difficult thing that may happen to your child is to lose his hair utterly, and the biggest problem is when most doctors tell you about the impossibility of his/her hair to grow again.

Here …a glimmer of hope shines again before you that all what the doctors told you is an incorrect diagnosis, to find your hope of healing with a doctor who has all the tools of perfection and humanity.

That’s what happened with the 4-year-old Syrian girl Rimas Al-Ali, when she suddenly lost her hair and most of the doctors told her family about the difficulty of her hair growth again until her parents found what they were looking for in the pediatric clinic within the “Motherhood and Childhood Center” project which belongs to the Health Program of “MAPS”.

Rimas’s family visited the pediatric clinic on 4/24/2019 and started their treatment journey with Dr. Akram, who had developed a long-term treatment plan after making a clinical assessment for her. After three months, Remas’ hair started growing gradually.

Today, her hair has grown completely, thanks to the perfection and humanity that the clinic provides to its patients.

The story of Rimas is one of hundreds of success stories that are made in the health program of MAPS. Who can forget, for example, the story of the child Amina, whose finger was almost about to be cut off, but she got rid of that, thanks to our health cadres working on the field. Here is the link of the story with video (

A message of our team working on the field
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