The target of the journey from Britain is helping the refugee families in Lebanon, Dr. Mohammad Yaser Al Sabouni-Orthopedic Surgeon- has come again to accomplish his volunteering mission in helping refugee children who are suffering from cases like (congenital dislocation of the hip, foot deformities…).

Dr. Sabouni encourages the social humanitarian work with the Syrian refugees, since he believes that whoever saves a life, it would be as though he saved the lives of all human.

Many families are able now to dream and wish to see their children in a good health and condition, 34 surgeries have been performed, beside more than 250 examinations have been done by the doctor and his distinguished staff, in Hope mission 1,2 during the last April and this month.

MAPS organization and its dignified society highly appreciate Dr. Mohammad Yaser Al Sabouni for his vital role in supporting the refugee families, and we are looking forward to working with upcoming visits.